Inventory Delete and Change Items Utility for Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 & 200)

If you are on versions 4.40 or higher, have you received the following message after attempting to delete item codes using the I/M Delete and Change Item Utility?

“No Action – Item Exists in Inventory History”

This message now appears, and the item is not deleted, because of the new data retention parameters in the Inventory module. Effective with version 4.40, historical data is stored in up to thirteen (13) periods in multiple years, instead of the two (current and future) periods in prior versions. This new data retention feature allows for better tracking and reporting of inventory information, and you have the ability to recalculate the history for prior periods.

As a result, historical data is maintained for a minimum of two years and, therefore, an item code can not be deleted if it has any history within those two years. For example: if the current year is 2012 and there is any history for an item code in 2012 or 2011, the item code can not be deleted. However, if there is no history for an item code any later than 2010, that item can be deleted.

Possible workarounds:

  1. For the item code in Item Maintenance,
    1. Change the “Product Type” to “Discontinued”, or
    2. Select the “Inactive Item” checkbox (if you are on version 4.40 product update #5 or higher).
  2. When printing reports, deselect the “Discontinued” Product Type and / or “Inactive Items” options.
  3. Create a custom Lookup List for the Item Code field that includes filters for either, or both
    1. Product Type not equal to “D” (Discontinued)
    2. Inactive Item equal to “No”
  4. Create a unique Product Line for Discontinued and/or Inactive Items and change the assigned Product Line Code on those respective items to that new Product Line. Use, as a suggestion, “ZZZZ” as this Product Line Code so it falls at the bottom of the Product Line Code listing. Then exclude that Product Line Code from your reports.

Remember that choosing the option to change the Product type to “Discontinued” does not prevent that item from being used in a transaction; it just provides a warning message that the item has been discontinued. Choosing the “inactive item checkbox” option does prevent the item from being used in a transaction. However, there are two Security Event options in Role Maintenance that will allow inactive items to be used in I/M Transaction Entry and P/O Return of Goods Entry.

If you are still on a version lower than 4.40, you might consider deleting all the inventory item codes that you no longer use before upgrading to the newer releases.

About the Author

Watson Holyfield, Senior Consultant

Watson offers customers over twenty-five years of experience with Sage 100 ERP, working with the software since its Version 1 character mode.  As a CPA, he has an understanding of the financial implications of any accounting software.  His expertise and training cover not only the basic Core modules, but also the more advanced Distribution Solution, Manufacturing and Job Costing modules, as well as various utility and reporting tools.

An award winning Sage Certified Trainer, Watson has shared his knowledge of the software with customers, end users and other consultants. Prior to working with MAS90, Watson spent over fifteen years in public and industry accounting.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Accounting, Watson and his wife Debbie live in Houston.  They have two children and four grandchildren.  Watson is also a minister and a musician in a gospel music group.

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