Sage 100 License Pricing Change Coming in March 2018

By Patrick Haley | Jan 30th, 18 | Categories: Sage, Pending Update

While many software providers have moved solely to subscription-based licensing, Sage continues to offer both subscription and perpetual license options to customers. In order to accommodate the added cost of maintaining both options, Sage announced that they’ll be adjusting the price of Sage Business Care prices for Sage 100 perpetual licenses.

Beginning in March, Perpetual customers will see an annual increase of 20% on their renewal notification for any Sage Business Care plan renewing on or after March 1, 2018.

Sage states that pricing adjustments are determined based on an annual review across their entire solution portfolio which considers market conditions, the cost of doing business, added value delivered through major product releases, and various other factors. The price increase reflects the added personnel and resources required to support both subscription and perpetual license models.

Note: the increase does not affect Sage 100c subscription licenses which remain the same.

What’s different in Sage 100c?

You may have already received a communication from Sage where they are encouraging customers to move to Sage 100c and cap the renewal rate at 10% by introducing what is called “zero-dollar migration”. This migration is designed for those companies that renew early and also migrate to the 100c platform. There is no re-training and your solution is still deployed on-premise. Sage 100c is essentially the same product, but with an updated user interface and greater access to new and future features, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Enhanced Search, Custom Dashboards
  • Multi-Bin and AP Automation
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager and Report Designer Module
  • Budget and Planning – “What if Scenarios”
  • Automatic backups

The most significant difference is that Sage 100c is a subscription, which must be kept current to continue using the software. Again, Sage has capped its 100c annual maintenance renewal price increases at a maximum increase of 10% annually.

Sage 100c name change

Just when you thought you had the different product names figured out, we learned that Sage will be changing the name of Sage 100c.  Effective in March 2018, Sage 100c will be renamed to Sage 100cloud.

It’s primarily a marketing change designed to align Sage 100c with other cloud-focused products and services.  However, there’s no new licensing or features to become familiar with. Same product, different name.

For more information, read this post: 

We’re listening

If you would like to speak more about the pros/cons of potentially migrating to Sage 100cloud, please contact your Sage 100 account manager at BCS ProSoft.  You have a choice as to whether you would prefer to stay with your existing maintenance renewal or move to subscription and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need in order to make the decision that is best for your organization.

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