Sage 100 Supported Versions and Sage 100cloud Roadmap – Feb 2018

By Eduardo "Eddie" Guillen | Feb 27th, 18 | Categories: Sage, Pending Update

Sage regularly publishes a product roadmap for the Sage 100 product line where they outline their 12-month vision including new features and support for older versions. We’ve written a lot recently about Sage 100c being renamed to Sage 100cloud and it’s hard to ignore some of those changes in this update. But first we’ll start with the Sage 100 supported versions matrix.

Sage 100 Supported Versions

What versions are currently supported and what are the End of Life Dates for Sage 100? This matrix lists the currently support versions and retirement dates for support, product updates, hot fixes and tax table updates.


The official Sage 100 Supported Versions Matrix as well as notes for Electronic Reporting and previously retired versions all the way back to 3.40 can be found here.

12 Month Sage 100 Product Roadmap

The current version of Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud is 2018, which was released in October. We typically recommend that customers wait until 6-months after the initial release date of any new version to work out any potential kinks and minimize business disruption. The 2019 version is slated for release in September of this year where an emphasis will be placed on modernization, including:

  • User experience modernization and elimination of pain points such as installation, upgrades and data security
  • Connected cloud apps (e.g. bank feeds, collaboration, invoicing) and self-service
  • Integration of accounting, payments and payroll as well as an ecosystem of 3rd party products through standard cloud APIs

Previous releases included bringing payroll and job cost to framework, mobility options for barcode, the ability to inactivate warehouses and a robust spellcheck engine.

The current release will bring timecard to framework, budgeting and planning, office 365 integration and the ability to reprint sales orders from history. Most of the focus is on strategic alignment, usage, payroll, modernization and mobility.


Safety in Numbers

One thing Sage did in this announcement a little out of the norm is disclose their customer count. According to Sage there are currently 24,600+ active Sage 100 customers (those current on maintenance). Comparatively, Sage announced there are 40,000+ Sage 300 customers, which is a different product but has a similar roadmap and schedule. There are always safety and numbers. These customer counts should give added comfort that both products will continue to be developed for many years to come.

The full product roadmap can be found here and includes a lot more information about what you can expect to see released this year. If you have any questions, please give your Sage 100 Account Manager at BCS ProSoft a call at (800) 882-6705 or contact us online.

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