Tips & Tricks #97 – Auto Assign Sales Tax Schedule Based on Zip Code

By Ed Paxson | Aug 9th, 10 | Categories: Tips & Tricks, Pending Update

If you are having trouble getting the proper Sales Tax Schedule associated with customers and ship to addresses, there is a feature in Sales Tax Schedule Maintenance that will allow you to associate a state or range of zip codes to specific schedules. Once this is done, MAS will auto-associate the proper tax schedule with a customer and/or ship to address when the zip code is entered.

  • Select Library Master | Setup | Sales Tax Schedule Maintenance.
  • Enter a Sales Tax Schedule code or press the lookup icon to view a list of available codes.
  • Click on the Zip XRef button to assign a range of zip codes to the schedule.

Zip Code Range Cross Reference

  • Click Accept to save the Zip XRef data and Click Accept to save and close the Tax Schedule
  • In Accounts Receivable Customer Maintenance, add a new customer. When you enter a zip code that is within a Zip XRef range, the tax schedule will automatically be entered for that customer.
  • In Ship To Maintenance, when the Zip Code is entered, the associated tax schedule will be automatically entered for that Ship To address.

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