10 Ways a Project Manager Resembles a Server at a Fine Dining Restaurant

By Patrick Haley | May 1st, 14 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

The information presented in this blog post comes from a joint webcast held by Deltek and PSMJ Resources titled, “The 3 Pillars of Project Management Excellence”.

In many ways a professional services firm is like a fine dining restaurant. This is applies to all firms in the Architecture & Engineering, Oilfield Services, IT or even Healthcare Consulting Industries. A Project Manager is the head server of this fine establishment. Think about the last time you had an excellent dining experience at an excellent restaurant.

  1. Did your server explain all the options offered?
  2. Did he make sure that you understood the pricing structure?
  3. Did he understand what you wanted before placing the order?
  4. Did he communicate the desired scope to the chefs?
  5. Did he assure the chefs prepared the work product per your requests?
  6. Did he deliver it in a reasonable time?
  7. Did he periodically check in on you to see if you needed anything else?
  8. Did he deliver the bill as soon as you finished your meal?
  9. Did he assure you paid your bill before leaving?
  10. Was he incentivized to provide excellent service to you?

Can you answer these questions about the last time you went out to eat? Now switch out some key words and apply these questions to your firm. Can you answer these same questions about your project managers and customers?

We’d like to invite you to learn why a strong project management culture is critical to the success of your firm.

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