Your Top 5 Concerns about Deltek Cloud Addressed

By BCS ProSoft | Jun 9th, 21 | Categories: Deltek

Our customers have been talking with us about the benefits of moving their business to the cloud. Recognizing that so much of what they rely upon in their personal lives such as their banking information, their family photos, videos and access to shopping, is hosted in the cloud, our customers are thinking about whether now is the right time to move their business systems to the cloud.

It’s easy to understand that there are several benefits associated with hosting your business in the cloud. These benefits include always having access to your company’s data and information regardless of your physical location. In fact, the reality of having so many of their employees working from home has driven business owners and managers to move to the cloud. As a result they can continue enabling their staff to be productive and drive the business forward.

Blog-Banner-Quote-Your-Top-5-Concerns-About-Deltek-Cloud-Addresses-BCS-ProSoft-06Another benefit is that when your company’s data and information are hosted in the Deltek Cloud, time-consuming tasks such as backups, software updates and security patches are automatically and efficiently taken care of through your cloud subscription. Business owners have realized this great benefit helps to free up their IT staff to focus on more strategic technology related tasks that help to grow their business. And keep in mind, subscribing to Deltek Vision or Vantagepoint in the Deltek Cloud is very different from hosting your On-Premise instance of Vision or Vantagepoint in a non-Deltek cloud environment. With the latter, there’s no guarantee or assurance that a non-Deltek cloud environment will provide you with all of the benefits that Deltek delivers.  

Top 5 Concerns When Moving ERP to the Cloud

Business owners are concerned about the many risks and pitfalls that we’ve commonly heard about when it comes to moving such a critical and core component of your business to the cloud. Many of our customers are not sure whether these concerns are valid or whether these concerns have been successfully addressed by cloud providers. Most of these concerns tend to fall into one of the following five areas:  


1. Access

Our customers know that over the years that they’ve run their business using what is known as on premise computer servers, they have been able to access their data and information as long as that hardware was “powered up and running” typically sitting somewhere within the physical confines of their office. They’ve also experienced not being able to access their critical company data when the servers experienced a software crash or during times where there was a loss of power. Customers ask us whether they will have the same experience with their business systems hosted on the cloud. The reality is that thousands of Deltek customers ranging from 10 to 20 employees to multinational companies with thousands of employees rely upon having non-stop access to their company data. The Deltek Cloud provides this level of access 24 hours per day regardless of your location by leveraging the global cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services or AWS.


2. Privacy

Businesses are responsible for making sure that their critical and sensitive company data is continuously protected and that it remains private and not available to people who are not authorized to access and view this data. Customers ask us how their business data will remain private if it’s sitting in the cloud. The architecture of the Deltek cloud environment works together with strict security policies and safeguards established by Deltek, to help keep all clients’ data private in all forms. Your data privacy is upheld through both data segregation and access control. Deltek implements what is known as the “Least privilege” principle for personnel, granting system access at only the minimal level needed for that person’s job responsibilities.  


3. Security

Many of our customers are confident that as long as their computer servers remain carefully secured within a locked environment in their physical office, their valuable company data will be protected from theft or misuse by non-authorized parties. Customers are concerned that if their data is in the cloud it might be stolen or accessed and misused by bad players. Deltek ensures security of your data at every layer - the technology and infrastructure, people, processes and tools. Every product, environment and all infrastructure are monitored 24x7x365 and are regularly evaluated using industry leading cloud-security assessment methodologies. The Deltek Cloud architecture is designed with security, threat prevention & detection, and system monitoring controls from the ground up.  

Features and benefits of Deltek cloud security:

    • Protection including anti-malware and antivirus software to identify and remove suspicious files
    • Coordinated firewalls, gateways, antivirus and intrusion platforms to detect and prevent fraudulent attempts and access
    • System Information & Event Management that allows real-time monitoring of system and application logging to detect malicious activity allowing for faster detection and incident response
    • Your data is encrypted in flight and at rest using the highest levels of industry standards for encrypted data transmission and storage


4. Support

Customers are often concerned that if their company data and information are sitting in the cloud and they experience a technical problem or need help to access their data, that it will be difficult to reach a person who will be available to help them. The good news is that support is available and accessible!  

Deltek’s and BCS ProSoft’s award-winning teams provide unmatched services and support including:  

    • Deltek Cloud Operations Team that provides extensive monitoring, routine back-ups and failover and disaster recovery policies. You can rely on Deltek for all IT-related disaster recovery and security needs so that you can unlock your IT team’s potential.
    • BCS ProSoft provides assistance with all implementation, upgrade and training needs. Whether it’s a packaged implementation, a customized deployment or post-implementation training and services, BCS ProSoft uses methodologies and consulting approaches that are flexible and designed to meet your specific needs.


5. Cost

Finally, many of our customers are concerned that moving to the Deltek Cloud will be too expensive or that their company size is too small to benefit from moving to the cloud. Quite often, these customers believe that they’re better off by continuing to pay their Deltek on premise maintenance renewal each year. The reality is that customers with 10 to 20 employees have recognized that they’re not too small to take advantage of the benefits that moving to the cloud provides. And that the annual subscription for the Deltek Cloud is very feasible especially when they consider all of the time and costs that they will no longer have to worry about such as purchasing and upgrading computer server hardware, conducting data backups and relying on the manual process of constantly managing and implementing software upgrades and installing security patches.

Affordable. Flexible. Secure.

Small to mid-sized businesses no longer need to choose between “affordable On-Premise” and “expensive cloud-based” ERP solutions to help grow their business. For small to-mid-sized project-based businesses, Deltek Cloud solutions are one of the few technology applications available today that clearly bridge the gap between strong performance and budgetary limitations. This means customers no longer have to choose between value-based ERP and performance-based ERP solutions to grow their business. 

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