Intro to Deltek Vantagepoint

By BCS ProSoft | Nov 27th, 19 | Categories: Deltek

Deltek Vantagepoint is built specifically for the architecture, engineering, and construction management consulting industry, and iss designed to help firms manage their projects and engagements from start to finish.

Why Deltek?

For the past 30+ years every single one of Deltek’s 2,600 employees has been living and breathing solutions that are built to help you manage your projects. Big or small, simple or complex; from Deltek Vision to Deltek CRM – projects are in the DNA of Deltek’s ERP solutions and they are trusted by the most successful firms in the world. literally.

Why Deltek Vantagepoint?

Services firms use a number of standalone solutions to run their business resulting in disconnected data flows and manual processes. It often takes them hours to sync the data and produce reliable reports. Users struggle with unfriendly interfaces and often implementing a new solution is a deterrent because firms feel like it is time-consuming and costly.

We at BCS ProSoft think you only need one solution to automate your professional services organization. Deltek Vantagepoint is intuitive, simple and easy to deploy and includes modern collaboration tools. Deltek is already the world’s #1 project-based solution provider and no company is better able to implement Deltek ERP solutions than BCS ProSoft.

How Deltek Approached Vantagepoint

Deltek set out to create a solution that wouldn’t be a burden – one that could support the way consulting firms work day in and day out. Throughout the development process, they kept one question at the forefront of all conversations: “How can we truly change and improve the way professional services firms manage and deliver engagements today?”

Deltek, in collaboration with their partner channel, interviewed, observed, tested and even hired top talent from the consulting industry to drive the development of Deltek Vantagepoint. We studied the processes and ways teams within professional services firms interacted to design a product that fit their processes and the way they worked.

So what exactly is Deltek Vantagepoint?

  • A SINGLE SOLUTION – One place to manage all aspects of your business – people, engagements, clients, documents, financials.
  • ENGAGEMENT CENTRIC – Puts engagements at the center of your business to improve profitability and exceed client expectations. Seamlessly connects your opportunities, plans and engagements.
  • PEOPLE FOCUSED – Helps your teams collaborate, deliver successful engagements and grow their careers.
  • EASY TO USE – Gives people what they need to complete engagements anywhere the job takes them.
  • CLOUD BASED – Deltek manages the solution so you can focus on delivering to your clients.

Vantagepoint was built from the ground up for consulting firms. It was designed to be used on the road, while multi-tasking or wherever you are – in a hotel or on the beach. It was designed to play nice with other systems by offering easy integration with some of the most popular tools in this industry.

Not just a tool for work; Deltek Professional Services is a tool for life. It fits nicely into the ever changing, work/life continuum. We realize your teams are your most valuable asset, so we built this solution to empower them and to fit their always on the go lifestyle.

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