The 3 Critical Questions Healthcare CFOs Should Ask When Selecting Financial Accounting System

Even if your organization doesn’t require a HIPAA-compliant financial system today, you may need [...]
By BCS ProSoft | Dec 16th, 20 | Categories: healthcare, Business, cloud, Sage Intacct, HIPAA, Cloud ERP

The Sage Intacct Healthcare Hangout is Back!

The last Sage Intacct Healthcare Hangout was so successful that they’ve spent the last few weeks [...]

By James McCabe | Sep 15th, 20 | Categories: healthcare, Business, Sage Intacct, webinar, Pending Update

Sage Intacct – Bringing the Best of Public Accounting to Community Health Centers

In the unprecedentedly challenging climate, every healthcare organization is navigating today, [...]

By BCS ProSoft | Jul 21st, 20 | Categories: healthcare, Sage Intacct, financial, case study

Healthy Strategies for Healthcare Finance Leaders

Join our partners, Sage Intacct, for the Healthcare Hangout: a complimentary 4-week series for [...]

6 Ways Sage 100 Can Help Your Healthcare Business Grow

Whether you plan open a new office location, add staff, or even acquire another healthcare [...]

By Patrick Haley | May 9th, 16 | Categories: healthcare, Pending Update

5 Ways Your ERP System Is Failing Your Healthcare Company

It’s hard to gauge the right moment to invest in IT infrastructure, but one thing is for sure— [...]

By Patrick Haley | May 6th, 16 | Categories: healthcare, Pending Update

Healthcare ERP Systems: Why QuickBooks Won’t Cut It

QuickBooks is the business equivalent of furniture from Ikea. You need some shelves for your [...]

By Patrick Haley | May 5th, 16 | Categories: healthcare, Pending Update

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