NetSuite Plays An Integral Role In Helping Dog Is Good Fetch New Market Share

From its initial T-shirt design made in 2007, to the more than 500 SKUs it offers today [...]

By Jon Goode | Aug 21st, 19 | Categories: Quickbooks, Business, Technology, NetSuite, dog is good

Integrate AvaTax with NetSuite to Take the Guesswork Out of Sales Tax

Sales tax can be complicated and doing it wrong can be costly for your business. AvaTax integrates [...]

By James McCabe | Jul 29th, 19 | Categories: Business, Sales Tax, NetSuite, avatax, avalara, Pending Update

Wholesale Distributors Have Questions on the Impacts of Tariffs; Here are Some Answers

By Jon Goode | Jun 26th, 19 | Categories: News, Business, NetSuite, china, tariff, Pending Update

Navigating the New Lease Accounting Regulations: ASC 842 and IFRS 16

Now that public companies have adopted ASC 606 for revenue accounting and private companies are on [...]

What Oracle, NetSuite Believe Is in Store for Cloud ERP in 2018

There are new requirements for ERP systems coming down the pike, including new regulations that [...]

By Patrick Haley | Feb 20th, 18 | Categories: Technology, NetSuite, Pending Update

Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2017 Announced

San Antonio, TX., January 3, 2018 — BCS ProSoft has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s [...]

By Patrick Haley | Jan 3rd, 18 | Categories: News, NetSuite, Deltek, Sage, Pending Update

Why Work with a NetSuite Partner?

By Patrick Haley | Nov 12th, 17 | Categories: NetSuite, Pending Update

Epicor Channel Director, Sally Craig, Joins BCS ProSoft as VP of Sales & Marketing

Over 30 Years of Success and Commendation in ERP Sales Leadership

By Patrick Haley | Nov 5th, 17 | Categories: News, NetSuite, Deltek, Sage, Pending Update

How You Take Your Coffee May Affect Its Taxability

This post originally appeared on the Avalara blog.

When researching my favorite beverage for [...]

By Patrick Haley | Nov 2nd, 17 | Categories: Sales Tax, NetSuite, Sage, Pending Update

How to Stop Small Supply Chain Errors That Add Up to Big Headaches

Have you ever seen one simple data error multiply in magnitude until it creates major headaches? [...]

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