What’s New in Deltek Vision 7.3

By Patrick Haley | Jul 2nd, 14 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

If you’re an existing Vision user, you probably received an email announcing Deltek Vision 7.3. While the new version has some robust new capabilities, the biggest advantage to upgrading is this simple truth: Deltek Vision 7.3 allows you to achieve more, manage more, and track more. This article will spell out what you need to know and how to upgrade to Vision 7.3.

Version Enhancements at a Glance

Do More Work at Home and Abroad with Deltek Vision 7.3

  • Compensation breakouts give insights into fee structures.
  • New credit card functionality streamlines cost accounting.
  • Globalization tools equip your firm to expand into new markets.

Equip Project Managers with Deltek Project Navigator 1.9 to Succeed More

  • View more invoice details.
  • Monitor projects at cost and/or billing.
  • Automatically populate contract amounts.

Track and Manage Expenses on the Road with New Versions of Deltek Vision’s’ Mobile Apps

  • Take photos of receipts with a mobile device and upload directly into Vision.

Benefit from These Great Capabilities Today

Be sure to read the release notes to get detailed information about all these great new features.

  • To download Vision 7.3 simply log into Deltek Software Manager through Customer Care Connect and select Vision 7.3.
  • To download Vision Navigator, simply select it in the Vision category on the Deltek Software Manager on Customer Care Connect. Vision Navigator 1.9 is compatible with Vision 7.2 CU #15 and Vision 7.3.
  • To gain access to the Touch Server, simply download it under Vision via Deltek Software Manager through Customer Care Connect. Once the Touch Server is available on your instance of Vision, go to the Apple Store or Google Play store to download the Touch Time & Expense app. Touch Time & Expense 1.3 is fully compatible with Vision 7.2 and 7.3.

Important Technology Impacts

Due to Microsoft’s de-support of Windows XP in April 2014, Deltek can no longer support the Windows XP client operating system beginning with Vision 7.3 and extending to future releases. The following client operating systems will be supported for Vision 7.3:

  • Windows 8 or 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Additionally, to use this new version you must ensure that .NET Framework 4.5.1 is installed on any workstation that runs Vision. For more information on the .NET Framework and to determine how best to deploy the 4.5.1 release within your organization, please refer to the Microsoft web site at

We will also be de-supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with the release of Vision 7.3 for both the Database and Reporting servers. Organizations must be running a minimum of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 to run Vision 7.3. Please carefully review the Release Notes for more information when Vision 7.3 becomes generally available.

We encourage you to begin preparing your organization soon so that you can upgrade to the latest, most powerful release of Vision when it is made available later this year.


The best way to get technical support is to log a case online on the Deltek Customer Care Connect Portal. However, if you require more detailed and personalized help please feel free to call us at (800) 882-6705 of contact us online.

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