Jeff Land

Indecision: The Biggest Threat to Any ERP Implementation

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk staring into space and wondering what the next step [...]

By Jeff Land | May 1st, 15 | Categories: ERP Software, Leadership, Pending Update

Adding Shortcuts to the Sage 100 ERP Menu

Did you know that you can easily add shortcut icons to the menu located at the top of the screen? [...]

Instant Messaging within Sage 100 ERP

Did you know that you could send a message to everyone currently logged into MAS? Just open the [...]

Top 10 Year End Support Issues

Jeff Land, Manager of Customer Services

At a recent User Group Meeting, I was asked to [...]

Update: Sage MAS support of Windows 7

Jeff Land, Manager of Customer Services

Sage is committed to supporting the most recent [...]

By Jeff Land | Apr 8th, 10 | Categories: Pending Update

Important 2010 FAS Update

A new update to your Sage FAS Fixed Asset Solution is now available!

By Jeff Land | Feb 2nd, 10 | Categories: Pending Update

Sage MAS Year-End Update

With January 31 right around the corner, now is the time to prepare for 1099s! Sage wants your 1099 [...]

By Jeff Land | Dec 14th, 09 | Categories: Pending Update

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