Epicor Channel Director, Sally Craig, Joins BCS ProSoft as VP of Sales & Marketing

Over 30 Years of Success and Commendation in ERP Sales Leadership

By Patrick Haley | Nov 5th, 17 | Categories: News, NetSuite, Deltek, Sage, Pending Update

Create a Seamless, Streamlined Process Utilizing the Credit Card Feature in Deltek Vision

Is your firm waiting an entire month to receive your statement? Are you having to monitor employees [...]

By Suzanne Hummel | Sep 5th, 17 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

Deltek Vision Updates – December 2016

As we work to round out 2016, I wanted to pass along a few key updates for existing Deltek Vision [...]

By Shawna Dillard | Dec 19th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

Technology Changes Coming to Deltek Vision 7.6

We recently wrote about some of the changes coming to Deltek Vision 7.6. However, there are a few [...]

By Patrick Haley | Sep 6th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

Make Your Business Case to Attend Deltek Insight 2016

Deltek Insight 2016 is right around the corner and the session builder has just been released to [...]

By Patrick Haley | Aug 29th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

What You Need to Know About Deltek Vision 7.6 and Expense Report Approvals

With the release of Deltek Vision 7.6, we feel it important to address some important changes to [...]

By John Owen | Aug 24th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

What’s New with Deltek Vision 7.6?

It’s time for another edition of Deltek Vision Stuff You Should Know. There is a lot of exciting [...]

By Shawna Dillard | Aug 9th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

Announcing the Deltek Clarity A&E Webinar Series

Discover how your A&E firm’s performance compares to the industry with the 37th Annual Deltek [...]

By Shawna Dillard | May 24th, 16 | Categories: Clarity Report, Deltek, Pending Update

Have You Seen Deltek Vision Lately?

Vision 7.0 was released 3 years ago and in that time there have been 6 releases of Deltek Vision.

By Patrick Haley | Mar 16th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Pending Update

A Quick Look at the Vision Asset Management Module

The new Deltek Vision Asset Management module has been available to 7.5+ users for several months [...]

By John Owen | Mar 16th, 16 | Categories: Deltek, Vision Asset Management, Pending Update

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